All About Rachel

A Little Bit About Me


I love celebrations.  I love to turn everyday occasions into something worth celebrating.

I am extremely lucky to have a job that lets me celebrate everyday.

I have an excuse everyday to get lost in the lens of a camera. I meet new people and have the chance to get to know them in a unique and exciting way. My work allows me to witness and immortalize love as it happens.

I celebrate milestones and capture memories of childhood; whether it’s a brand new baby with all their little wrinkles and dimples, a day at the playground where slides still turn into mountains to be conquered, or that chance to finally get a picture of the whole family together for Grandma’s dresser. I am a huge kid at heart and love the chance to become a kid again, even if it’s just for an afternoon.

So, what do you have to celebrate today? Take some time, think about all those things that make your life a little spectacular. Little things, big moments; they all deserve some special recognition and Razzle B Photography can help.

* Photo credit: Nicolas Pocetti