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The Best Kind of Bestie


corbs-1Approximately 25 years ago, I was lucky enough to meet one of the coolest people on the planet. Corbin and I have developed an amazing friendship. He challenges the way I look at the world, reminds me of the importance of being patient, and tells me everyday how lucky we are to be friends. Corbin’s outlook on the world keeps me looking for the positive in every situation and appreciating the simple joy of spending time together as friends, enjoying the company of our favourite people.

Corbin has the good fortune of being surrounded by people who love him; friends, family, and incredible support staff. For many individuals with diverse abilities in our community, this is not the case. Lifetime Networks believes that everyone should have the opportunity to develop real and lasting friendships. They provide networks of support as well as opportunities for learning, community involvement and social programing.

This thanksgiving, Corbin is walking the 8K at the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon in support of Lifetime Networks. Please visit his fundraising page and help him with his goal to support an amazing organization and the work they do in our community.



We Are Family

Over 20 years ago, I was welcomed, unofficially, into a very special family. This family had three young children, whom I immediately loved with all my heart. I have watched them grow into the most amazing adults; kind, caring, intelligent and fascinating people. They have all become forever friends of mine.

Tessa has found an incredible partner in her adventures. Sean matches her compassion and love for family, friends and the world around her. He is quick to connect to anyone he meets and immediately makes you feel that you are of great and lasting value to his world. Together, they have created a life surrounded by love, laughter and friendship. When you are welcomed into their world, you are family; always and forever.

Photographing their wedding was a labour of love. The weekend was a testament to the amazing people they are and the support they give to everyone around them. My extended family grew exponentially over the three days we were together.

Love you forever Tess (and Sean too) and can’t wait to see you change the world together.


I think on of my favourite things about family photography is the opportunity to watch families grow and change together.

I met this family during my photography school days. We have captured photos at least once a year since then and I have grown to love our times together. Taking and delivering their photos often includes coffee and playtime catch ups and becomes of highlight of my work week.  I can’t wait to see what great adventures these boys get up to together.

My heart is melting.










Summer School

I recently spent a few months teaching a fabulous young man about the basics of photography. We explored all sorts of topics, from basic camera function to genres of photography and an introduction to composition. Our favourite was definitely “selfies”.

I love watching people learn and develop as photographers. Seeing his excitement grow as he learned new skills always made my day!

Can’t wait to see what other photography adventures he gets up to.

Thanks for the updated profile photos Nicolas!

image(2) IMG_0726 IMG_0766 image(1) IMG_0745

Well worth the wait…

Every year, when I attend the Lifetime Networks Gala, I have the pleasure of being greeted by an infectious smile and a promise that this is the year we will finally do a photo shoot. This year, my wait was finally over.  Having only met the mom of this family, I was unsure what kind of personalities would be walking onto the beach to meet me when the day finally arrived. I was so happy to encounter a whole family of huge grins, laughter from deep down in the belly, and a love for puns, teasing and general merriment. This family clearly loves each other, supports each other and adds in some good natured ribbing to keep things real. Definitely hope this isn’t my last shoot with this family, especially if they bring me boxes of candy each time we meet.



ToniWeb-1311   ToniWeb-1231





Furry Friends


Sometimes my clients are little more hairy and drool more than others. They are incredibly cute though.

Love, laughter, and a whole lot of dancing…

Scott and Katy’s wedding on Pender Island was nonstop laughter and fun.  I am lucky to be friends with the bride and groom, and was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their special day.

Scott is known as a legendary party planner, and with Katy now part of the equation, they make an incredible team. Their choice of location, The Timbers on Pender, was stunning and created a magical backdrop to an unforgettable day. Every detail of their wedding included a personal touch; from the custom designed engagement ring, to the wedding favors now growing in each guest’s garden.

Photos with Scott always include a glimpse into his family history and his wedding day was no exception to the rule. I love the memories and stories woven into the background of each photo taken during our adventure around the island.

The wedding day ended with a live band and some spectacular dancing. This couple has an amazing network of family and friends, the most important elements for one amazing celebration.

It was the perfect weekend to celebrate the love of two fabulous people!




Family Love

One of my favourite things about photography is the chance to connect with people and to share in their life stories.

I photographed Melissa and Scott’s wedding and was so excited to hear the news that they were expecting a new addition to their family.  This baby is starting her life surrounded by love, laughter and a huge collection of people that adore her.  Welcome to the world Little One!

BrooklynMaternityWeb-5126 BrooklynMaternityWeb-5172 BrooklynHospFB-5813 BrooklynHospFB-5832 BrooklynHomeWeb-7246 BrooklynHomeWeb-7368


Time to catch up!

There has been a sad lack of updates to my blog over the past year.  This is not for lack of activity. So, for those of you that have missed my Facebook updates or don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I am going to attempt to bring things up to date.

Since my last post there has been a lot of fun activities in the Razzle B Photography world; a wedding (or two), engagements, reunions, back to school fun, awesome events, karaoke, food, running around with pets, and some fun celebrations of family love. I have met some incredible new people, shed some tears, been inspired, seen some new places, reconnected with old friends, and have laughed a lot.

Here is a sneak preview of some of my highlights.

DrummerWeb-6184 Golfweb-0684 Dakotaweb-5933 BrooklynMaternityWeb-5126 BrooklynHospFB-5819 COOKWEB-4870 CaribbeanVillageWeb-5485 Fullsetclean-3923 Gala2015Web-6523 Karaoke15web-4437 TessaSean2014Web-1435 Skiing2014-2067 Fair2014Web-8224 NatashaPrint-2680 LNMarathon2014Web-0559 ScoreyProof-8564 B2SchoolBRayweb-6640 BuhlerWeb-2415 Choistings2014Web-3351

It’s all about the feelings.

There are a lot of reasons to love weddings; the pretty dresses, beautiful flowers, great food, well stocked bars, great DJ’s, and the entertaining, and often embarrassing, stories. For me, I love the feelings; the raw and constant communication of emotions.

This summer, I was able to attend and photograph a wedding that gave me a sentimental, love life, feel all warm and fuzzy, dose of emotion. There was no shortage of tears, laughter, hugs and affection; from the moment I met up with the bride in the morning, until the moment the guests were sent on their way at night. The day had its share of glitches, as do most wedding days, but they have disappeared as I look through the photos and see the joy on each and every face.

Tara and Andrew, you have always demonstrated to me how much you adore each other. I am so honoured that I was able to see how much an amazing community of friends and family adore you too.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day and to take away a little of the love your are constantly sharing with the world.