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And Baby Makes Three

I have been one of a great many people waiting in excitement to meet this precious little treasure. Her mother makes me smile every time we get together and I know she will have exactly the same power.

Watching her mom and dad in their unending joy as expecting, and now new, parents is the best part of spending time photographing their journey. This is one little girl who will be showered with crazy amount of love. I can’t wait to capture more of their exciting adventures together.IsabelleWeb-13

IsabelleWeb-3  IsabelleWeb-19 IsabelleWeb-21 IsabelleWeb-36 IsabelleWeb-40 IsabelleWeb-49




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Love, laughter, and a whole lot of dancing…

Scott and Katy’s wedding on Pender Island was nonstop laughter and fun.  I am lucky to be friends with the bride and groom, and was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their special day.

Scott is known as a legendary party planner, and with Katy now part of the equation, they make an incredible team. Their choice of location, The Timbers on Pender, was stunning and created a magical backdrop to an unforgettable day. Every detail of their wedding included a personal touch; from the custom designed engagement ring, to the wedding favors now growing in each guest’s garden.

Photos with Scott always include a glimpse into his family history and his wedding day was no exception to the rule. I love the memories and stories woven into the background of each photo taken during our adventure around the island.

The wedding day ended with a live band and some spectacular dancing. This couple has an amazing network of family and friends, the most important elements for one amazing celebration.

It was the perfect weekend to celebrate the love of two fabulous people!




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Family Love

One of my favourite things about photography is the chance to connect with people and to share in their life stories.

I photographed Melissa and Scott’s wedding and was so excited to hear the news that they were expecting a new addition to their family.  This baby is starting her life surrounded by love, laughter and a huge collection of people that adore her.  Welcome to the world Little One!

BrooklynMaternityWeb-5126 BrooklynMaternityWeb-5172 BrooklynHospFB-5813 BrooklynHospFB-5832 BrooklynHomeWeb-7246 BrooklynHomeWeb-7368


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Family Trees

I love spending time with this family and, for just a moment, becoming a part of the stories that will be told at another of their reunions. Each visit is filled with good natured ribbing, a lot of laughter and huge amounts of affection for each other; even if it is hidden behind an elbow poke or accompanied with a shove from whatever perch I’ve made them balance on.

All visits to their home reveal new aspects of their family history; foundations of the first home, trees planted as saplings that now tower above the house, and view points that provide opportunities to explain the history of their property and the surrounding neighbourhood.

I can’t wait to get back again for the next reunion!




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A Year in Review

I sat down today intending to take a few minutes to grab a few of my favorite photos from 2013 as a retrospective for my blog post today. Four hours later, I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face, flooded with great memories.

I spent the day exploring a collection of emotions, lifelong friendships, unforgettable moments and irreplaceable experiences.  It has definitely been a good year.

Thank you to everyone that shared a piece of their lives with me.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2014.


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Listening to the trees

My buddy Corbin and I have an annual tradition of heading out to Gordon Bay Provincial Campsite and escaping the world for a few days.  It is, by far, our favorite event of the year together. We disregard all schedules, “fly by the seat of our pants”, eat continuously, float on the lake and relax into a world with no expectations.  It’s no wonder he is already counting down the days till next year.

This year I also added in my first solo camping trip at Morton Lake, just north of Campbell River.  As I lay in my hammock, drinking tea and listening to the wind blow through the trees above me; I realized how important it is to shut off the noise of social media, multi-tasking, and endless to do lists.  Apparently I am not very skilled at this and need to travel to regions without cell phone service or internet access in order to find my quiet.  Once I found it…it was glorious.  Somehow, even the outhouse seemed peaceful.

Here’s a little glimpse into our paradise.  How many more sleeps until summer comes again?


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